Fact Design

The FactHomes design departement, an Design service provider based on the experience of over 20 years in Residential and Commercial Building

New construction
Custom Homes and

Design Based on your idea


  •  Design Department, provide design based on customer’s idea and budget.
  •  Design department, provide exterior 3D rendering for better visualization.
  •  Provide sketch design.
  •  Provide all documents for city submission.
Fact architectural Design

Rezoning and Development Permit

  • Bring a value to your property by using opportunity of rezoning and developments.
Architectural Design Project

Renovation project

  • Provide all drawing for permit and construction.
  • Provide interior 3D rendering for better visualization.

Interior Design

  • Provide all drawing and choose materials for remodeling homes or business
  • Provide floor plan drawing for permit and construction .
  • Can provide 3D visualization staging to render costumers costs of staging.