Who We Are?

Our Mission

Bring up the value to your property 

Fact Homes Group is a medium company of design, civil engineer, mechanical/electrical engineers and professional trades. It main strength is in project management, residential housing, renovation, custom single family and commercial building.
Fact Homes founded by Hadi Khakpouri and Mehrnoosh Mehrabi in 2017 in Vancouver.

Hadi khakpouri Has a background in Design, he graduated with master degree in  2003. He is a talented with 20 years of experience who has the skill and knowledge in planning and coordinating project from concept phase to full construction in major retail, commercial and residential building.


Mehrnoosh Mehrabi has graduated With master degree in 2002. Before and during university worked with several companies like Citec. After that as an architect with Fact Homes , Mehrnoosh is coordinator and designer in design department in fact homes regarding interior and exterior design and permit submit ions.