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Fact 3D allows Architects,Home builders,Interior Designer,Real Estate Agents and Marketing Agent to visualize their ideas by providing high quality 3D Rendering , Animation and 3d floor plans.

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  • For architects and interior designers, a descriptive set of interior renderings are essential for not only explaining the materiality, light, and color of a space, but also – and perhaps more importantly – proving the merits of the design in a way that creates a trusting relationship between client and designer. Not all firms invest in this type of 3D visualization, but for those that do, it adds immense value to all parties involved.
  • Provide ‘Interior’ Design 3d rendering services, to have a better visualization, from your project results.      
  • Enjoy from very quick ‘3d rendering’ services for your project, with our experienced 3d artists.                                            
  • provide  3d Rendering services in Vancouver, 3d Design visualization in Canada, and Usa.


  • 3D Exterior Design Studio Specialized in Design 3D Exterior Rendering for Both Commercial, Residential 3D Exterior Model. Our professional team specializes in creating high quality 3D landscape Design Services. We have successfully created renders for residential areas, commercial spaces, retails, hotel, public utilities and much more. If you have a design in mind, contact us, we will provide the best 3D exterior rendering services at the most cost effective rates. We will do 3D Building Design per Exterior Design view to cost effective rates. Our landscape Design Rendering include creating photorealistic landscape architecture sketchup in high definition. So now, wow your clients and get ahead of competition by outsourcing to us. Visualize your projects before they materialize with FactHomes consultant’s Exterior rendering services.


  • Provide Design, Exterior 3d rendering, 3d visualization for single family homes , multifamily and High rise project.                                                               
  • Enjoy from very quick 3d rendering services, for your project, with Facthomes experienced 3d artists.